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Hatsune Miku : Project Diva 2nd
Hatsune Miku : Project Diva 2nd
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17. Mai 2010
Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd   Naaah, I really won’t fly over to Japan for this game, unlike I did for Final Fantasy XIII. There’s even an Comicstrip from my last trip wich the actual one leans onto, but it’s not yet in the back catalogue (but will find it’s way in there this week for sure).   So is there any Japan-related geek of a reader amongst you who haven’t yet heard of Hatsune Miku and the popularity of her sythesized voice? If so, maybe go along for now. But if you actually have the slightest interest in her, you may want to read along. I need’t explain the Miku-phenomena to you I suppose. And, like any kind of popular franchise, it’s not unnatural that the character got it’s own video game. That game came out for PSP, originally dated for December 2008 – January 2009 but took half a year longer, supposedly due to the unexpected strength of Mikus popularity and fear of scaring people away with a quick cash-in game. But something seemed odd from the start. For instance: Why couldn’t you buy this quite popular game on the PSPGo? In fact it would be great to have it on there, because you could play it not only on your TV (you may want to, because it looks great) but control it with your PS3 controller from your couch. Yeah, Miku professionally rendered on a big screen would be a hit, sadly SEGA didn’t listen to anyone, or so everyone thought. But they did, and the Project Diva Arcade game came out. Exaktly the same game, just in neater graphics.   Small interjection of self-promotion. I was there for the beta test for the Project Diva Arcade game. That and much more you can find on our YouTube channel!
So, somehow, they held back the PSPGo-Version to promote the Arcade game, but even better is that they announced that you will be able to play Project Diva on your PSP, connected to your PS3, connected to your TV, in the same neat high definition graphics as the game center machines, via a download. When this may be, I don’t know, but I think it’s somehow connected to the release of Project Diva 2nd. Btw. Project Diva 2nd will get an exclusive themed PSP with accessories, did any not-gaming-franchise ever accomplish that?  -  DS_Nadine
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07. September 2015


I've been making demolitionsquad comics for 10 years now and if you've been reading my comics you already know I'm more of a joke and gag kind of guy than one to be telling witty political tales. There's many reasons for that but mainly I do it because I think that more often than not the worst joke might give you more than giving you one with the "moral club" if it is told from the perspective of two totally opposing parties.

And that basically won't change, but...

- Sry, german only -

If you always wanted to buy one of my comics but never did, the time would be now. (Here as well: Sry, german only. This is just a translation of my german blogpost, for wich some of you asked, I'm afraid.)

I donate all the money that comes in via my comics being sold this month to a refugee hostel. Simply put, this money goes to buying art supplys. So I'm buying pens, crayons, paper etc with this money and go to a refugee hostel to draw with the kids. Maybe this doesn't help a person in need directly but it can help bring some normality for the kids that escaped their dire circumstances. - DS_Nadine

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