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03. Mai 2010
Site too slow? Trade your vote for a new server! First of all, thanks to everyone of you that likes the international version of Demolitionsquad and checks back regulary. In fact, since the launch of the the english page three weeks ago, we've got so much new readers that our server becomes quite slow in the peak time. Though it makes me happy that you enjoy the comic, I'd of course like you to enjoy it even more with a better browsing experience. So I've thought of a deal. If you like Demolitionsquad.net, please vote for us at Top100-Web-Comics with the attached link:
(No registration required) If you'll manage to vote us into the Top10 of gaming websites (we're allready place 22 when I write this) I'll promise you a brand new server. You can vote every 24-hours from every PC, Notebook or iPhone you own. With the site in the Top10 it should easily be possible to cut advertising expenses and put them into a new server. Would be a win-win situation in my eyes. ^_~ Till then I'll do my best to keep it all running (while my admin is on vacation) and to supply you with as lots of videogame webcomics I can draw!  -  DS_Nadine
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