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22. April 2010
After Burner Climax   Yay, I'm really happy with the release of After Burner Climax this wednesday! Can't say how much I longed for that conversion. The game looks even slightly better than the arcade original and has some nice features for more replayability. Sadly though the 2 player coop-mode seems to be missing. But playing it on linked arcade cabinets added nothing to the game, because unlike racing games you'll rarely see the other plane or have the impression that you are playing together. So, not much was lost. 800 Microsoft points or 10 bucks is quite cheap. So, for everyone that likes typical SEGA arcade games, it's a must buy in my opinion. ...as you can see, like the last comic, ist says '2' behind the title of the comic, since there was one on the german page when the arcade cabinet came out. I'll translate it these days and put it in the back-catalogue.  -  DS_Nadine
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