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18. August 2011
Birth of a new era I’m very pleased to announce that germanys first gaming webcomic (founded 2005) is now finally making its way onto international ground, to compete with its original archetypes. From now on there will be a new webcomic, mostly videogame related, usually every Monday and Thursday (if there's nothing like gamescom, wich is now). In addition we will add a whole lot from the back catalogue of the last years once in a while. So, while the site is lacking content, compared to the german original, in many manners, the comic archive should grow quite fast and I hope you’ll enjoy. - DS_Nadine
Your voice

Looking forward to see your comic twice a week! Good luck and success with your new site, pal. Way to go!


Thank you very much! ^_^


Looking good so far. Keep it up!

AvatarRik Schilling

just a question, but the first comic in english is made in 2007, will the comics before that also be translated? found this comic today and want to read all and my german is rather bad ^^


Hi Rik, the question ist do you really want to read them, since the first ones look like shit. ;) I'd like to port the hole site into english (including the 'blog' wich wasn't updated in years). But since time is neigh I'll hope you enjoy the new comics wich are allways coming at the same time as the german ones, and an 'old' one once in while when I can spare the time. So: Yes they will come, but it will take a long time till everything is translated and uploaded. ;)

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