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19. Februar 2014

Beyond Two Souls (2)

Because it fits so well to the joke (wich a lot might not get), here's a little bonus:
Here're some great examples of the full emontional scope of Ellen Page in Beyond Two Souls, wich puts her on a par with acting overlords like Keanu Reeves and Steven Seagal.

Scope of emotion - Part 1: Self-pity

Scope of emotion - Part 2: Great Self-pity

Scope of emotion - Part 3: Awesome Self-pity

The game left an impression on me despite it's many flaws, I kinda liked it in retrospective. - DS_Nadine

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AvatarGary Gough

How could you leave Sylvester Stallone of that list of great expressive actors? His seminal performance in Death Race 2000 as reprised in every move that followed was a veritable steam calliope of nuance. Ps. loved this :D

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