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28. Juni 2010
Nintendo 3DS E3 is finally over and all announcements made and open to the punblic. Out of the three big players Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony (in alphabetical order - I don't prefer anyone) Nintendo clearly 'won', at least in the eyes of their fans. While Sony and Microsoft mainly presented their variations of the Wii movement-controls and made a jump towards the casual market, Nintendos press conference sparkled with the presence of all their core franchises; with a new Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Metroid and even Kid Icarus. Some moaned that they didn't show anything 'new', regarding franchises, but nearly everyone seems to be pleased with the new Nintendo 3DS.

Hundreds of booth babes came from the stage, chained to the 3DSes they were presenting. Was it to prevent the journalists from stealing oder the girls (wich leggings obviously don't have any pockets, wich might be for a reason), who knows?

- DS_Nadine
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AvatarTrod Zombinologie

I laught a lot


Nadine you legend!

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