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21. Juni 2010
Guest Artist -  Max Jähling Since I've been at a stag party last weekend, camping and sleeping drunken in the woods, I'm very happy that Max Jähling made comic for mondy in my place. ^_^ Maybe you don't know Max, but be sure to know the Monsterhunter Conny van Ehlsing, wich is his newest Comic that you can read over at WebcomicsNation. For the rest I'm so free to just cite his profile: 'Max Vähling (aka Jähling) is a German comics artist and self-publisher. Max has been dubbed "uncrowned king of underground comics" by Comicwerk's Daniel Gramsch, but, being uncrowned, nobody noticed. His first published work was an unreadable thing in a primary school class. That was in about 1978, so you could say he's a veteran with a thirty year publishing history. He has been self-publishing his comics since 2000, including titles like "terrain vague", "Reception Man" and "Conny Van Ehlsing, Monster Hunter" (probably the first printed comic ever to ship with an audio commentary). Of course, that was in German, so if you don't know any of these, he won't hold it against you.'   -  DS_Nadine
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